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Out Soccer Star Takes Stand

Megan Rapinoe puts principle before tradition.

Landmark Decision On Same-Sex Parental Rights Case

Custody and visitation no longer based solely on biology or adoption.

Federal Judge Blocks Obama Administration's Transgender Student Bathroom Policy

The policy requires public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms consistent with chosen gender identity.

Equal Pay For Equal Work Ad Airs During Olympics

Ad highlights the persistent and unfair pay gap for some of America’s most highly-decorated athletes.

U.K. Gets A Woman Prime Minister

Did feminism win or lose?

Equal Pay Day Is Nothing To Celebrate

Why are we STILL paid less than men?

Campaign 2016 Gets Ugly When Democrats Don’t Vote

Homophobia leads the polls.

The F Word

Why we all need to say it.

No Bra Day Is a No Go

Baring Our Breasts Won’t Cure Breast Cancer

Hillary Clinton Wins Big in Las Vegas

Female Frontrunner Defies Critics
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