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Campaign 2016 Gets Ugly When Democrats Don’t Vote

Homophobia leads the polls.

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter Ten)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

Coming Out Of The Closet...Again

What happens when comedian wives Lacie and Robin come out to corporations?

Demonstrators say Hong Kong is "very far behind" on LGBT Rights

"We have waited 20 years for anti-discrimination legislation already, and that's far too long."

An Evening With Desdemona and Emilia

Shakespeare’s Othello receives a feminist, anti-domestic violence reading.

Tourists Arrested for Kissing in Hawaii

The arresting officer verbally and physically assaulted the women before charging them.

Attacker of a Welsh Lesbian Sentenced to a Curfew

Why is a blatant hate crime being punished with a small fine and curfew?

Another Side of Me

The story behind a photographic exhibition by Laura Simonsen.

Homosexuality Is Officially A Criminal Act in Aceh Province

The new law will affect locals and foreigners.

Kerchief Premieres Video for New Single “Jack London”

Britt Hill cuts through with a poetically relatable and compelling edge.