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Allison in Queeryland

Allison Weiss, singer songwriter and poster child of Kickstarter, discusses her upcoming album, her new crowd funding campaign and her gay firsts.

Fresh Licks: CSS’s “Hits Me Like a Rock”

Check out the new video for the São-Paolo art partiers’ highly danceable new single—and learn some new moves while you’re at it.

Ladysoal Sings the Blues

The bisexual songstress puts the Ames, Iowa queer community on the map with the video for "That Girl"

Miss Americana: Natalia Zukerman

The folk maven on music, art and the environment. Plus, find out how win a copy of her latest album Gas Station Roses!

Chatting Up Daphne Willis

The lesbian pop rock star lifts our spirits.

Fresh Licks: Lady Gaga's "Judas" Video Premiere!

Check out the latest video from the reigning queen of pop.

Download The Sounds' Hot New Track

Check out the video for "Something to Die For" and find out how to download a remix version, free.

Fresh Licks: God-Des & She's "Love Machine"

Check out the lesbian hip hop duo's hot new time traveling, Grease-influenced music video.

Catching up with Animal Prufrock

We sat down with the singer-songwriter to chat music, love, and living a queertastic life.

Watch: Sick of Sarah's Lucky Dog Leather Photo Shoot

Leather and lesbians, two of our favorite things came together for a photo shoot featuring Sick of Sarah rockers Abisha Uhl and Jamie Holm in Lucky Dog leather accessories. Check out tje behind the video!