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Kaci Battaglia is Breaking Out

The San Francisco Pride performer talks Pride, her new album and what makes Jessica Alba so hot!

Q+A Natalie Stewart

The "Floacist" talks music, tattoos and enlightenment.

Win an Autographed Indigo Girls Album!

Von Iva Turns Up the Heat

They've got a feature film and an expanding tour. What’s next for this up-and-coming synth rock band?

As Dramatic as They Want to Be

Telenovela Star went from the laundromat to iTunes.

Straight Outta Canada

Musical vagabond Awna Teixeira on her inspirations, improving interpersonal skills and why she loves the gut bass.

Classic Interview: Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

Melissa Etheridge has been many things: wife, mother, rock star and even cancer survivor. In this classic interview she talks about children, politics, money and why she’ll never have a threesome — again.

The Original Righteous Babe

Feeling Righteous: Ani DiFranco is back with a vengeance. She spills to Curve about her anthology Canon and never “selling out.”

Classic k.d. lang: Long Live the Lang Thang

A Zen k.d. lang talks love, monogamy, and why L.A. just isn’t a “lang thang.”

Classic Interview: Melissa Ferrick Speaks Freely

Head back to 2001 to see what Melissa Ferrick had to say about sex, sanity and her quest for love.