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World Premiere of Antigone Rising’s Brand New Music Video “Get To You”

Antigone Rising’s brand new music video for their song “Get To You” officially hit cyberspace today.

L Project Re-Confirms ‘We’re All Human’

Behind the release of a new single for the 10th International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).

Karmen Buttler - Daze of Love

13 easy listening tracks to propel you into absolute bliss!

Kate’s Party – Hollow

Debut album Hollow from Kate’s Party brings Irish Punk Rock to the forefront with a smack of grunge.

Sofia Is Perfect

Preview the new single from hot UK singer.

Cocoa Jackson Lane – New Single: Fall On My Floor

Hot new single from funk/pop duo Cocoa Jackson Lane this is track is set to be an instant hit.

Little Wise – Sweet Rain Falling EP

Solidifying Australian folk, Little Wise’s latest offering is one for the music collection.

Hannah Thomas launches Kickstarter campaign.

Hannah will once again be playing across genres by featuring songs that sound like classic country with a twist.

Sugar Bomb! Interview

Sugar Bomb! Is about to explode onto the scene.

Heather Peace: The Thin Line

Heather Peace is releasing her new album “The Thin Line”, and her first single “We Can Change”, on June 9th 2014