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ArchiveReader's Voice

The Pier

Memories of New York summers as a lesbian teen.

One Time At Summer Camp

A newly-out lesbian attends a summer camp with a difference.
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Dr. Frankie's Love Seat

Is It Too Early To Move In Together?

When is the right time to move in with your partner?

How To Deal With A Crush (When You Already Have A Girlfriend)

"With my girlfriend I picture a very happy FUTURE. With my crush I picture a very blissful NOW."
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Rev. Irene

White LGBTQ Community, I Need Your Help Against Police Harassment!

Where are black bodies safe in America?

Targeted Act Of A Terrorist's Hate

Reflecting on the Orlando nightclub massacre.
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Which Mommy Are You?

One way to respond to inquisitive neighbors about "who's who."
2016.07.04 05:33 PM

Scared Of Working With Your Wife?

When Vicky and I first went into business together nearly all our friends said they could never work together.
2016.06.03 01:40 PM
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The Sex Talk

When Lesbians Sleep With Straight Women

Sexuality doesn't define us.

Don’t Settle!

How to prioritize your lifestyle choices when dating or choosing a partner.
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Mr. Mom

The World Is On Fire

What we, as parents, can do to stop the burning.

A Private Catholic School Conundrum

When choosing a preschool for my daughter, would a Catholic Private School be a problem?
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Comedy Corner

Comedy Or Frivolity?

Wanna do me tonight?
2016.06.23 10:29 AM

Libido Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Cat got your tongue?
2016.05.23 08:49 AM