The Lesbian Drinking Game

Here’s a fun lesbian drinking game to make any lesbian happy hour even happier.


It’s important to remember to drink responsibly. But for those of you who are likely to ignore this advice, here’s a fun lesbian drinking game to make the office party or lesbian happy hour even happier. 


Preliminary Set-Up 

  • One person acts as Judge. Their word is final. 
  • If your drink is finished of your own volition, you buy the round. 
  • Extra forfeits can be given if two rules are broken at the same time – Double Drinks. 


The Rules  

  • A gay celebrity is mentioned (Kristen Stewart counts) – Everyone Drinks.
  • A Player uses the phrase “That’s So Gay” – The Player buys a round of shots.
  • A Player mentions their ex – The Player Drinks.
  • Two Players discover they have an ex in common – Players must swap drinks. And Drink. 
  • A Player says the word “Straight,” “Gay,” “Bent,” or basically any word that they can be accused of using in a queer sense – The Player Drinks.
  • See a flannel shirt – Everyone Drinks.
  • Woman wearing a trucker cap – Everyone Drinks.
  • Lens-less Hipster glasses – Everyone Drinks.
  • An ill-fitting denim jacket – Everyone Drinks. Double drinks if said jacket is tied around the waist.
  • A Player is wearing any of the above – The Player buys a round of shots. 
  • A Player fancies the bartender – The Player Drinks. However, if the Player can get her number, everyone else drinks. Said Player has one hour to acquire number.
  • Angry political opinions are shared without invitation – The Player Drinks.
  • Someone says the word “Pride” – Everyone Drinks.
  • At any time, a Player can challenge another Player to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Loser Drinks. If both players choose Scissors, Both Players Drink Double.
  • A Player is caught sneering at an opinion they don’t agree with – Player Drinks. 
  • Two Players in a new relationship exhibit needless or excessive affection – Both Players Drink. And buy shots.
  • A Player references The L Word or OITNB – The Player Drinks.
  • Someone tries to get a Player to sign a petition or join a cause of some sort – Player Drinks.
  • A Player uses a hashtag out loud – The Player Drinks. (This is just annoying)
  • A Player spends longer than five minutes on their phone – The Player Drinks.
  • If they were looking at their exes Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Face – Double Drinks.
  • A Player is caught looking at another Player’s tits – Players must swap drinks. And Drink. 
  • If any two Players break any rule simultaneously, they must take their drinks, and additionally buy a round of shots. Everybody Drinks. 


So there you have it – The Lesbian Drinking Game. Please feel free to add or remove rules at will, and enjoy un-responsibly and without caution. 


About the Author: 

E J Rosetta is an LGBT Columnist and coffee addict living in Hampshire with her spoiled cat, Hendricks. More ramblings can be found at or via Twitter @EJRosetta

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