T11 Incomplete

Indie Lesbian drama about disability wraps filming in New York!


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Suzanne Guacci (writer/director/producer) of the lesbian drama STUFF (Gravitas Ventures) wrapped her follow up feature film with disability at its center, titled “T11 Incomplete” in New York.


T11 Incomplete” stars Karen Sillas (STUFF), Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy) and Zachary Booth (Keep the Lights On, After Louie). Lauren Russell (The Real L Word - LA) makes her feature film acting debut.
The film is about a middle aged visiting home health aide (Sillas) who falls in love with her young paraplegic patient (Renton) then betrays her to save her dying cat.


T11 Incomplete” cast and crew is comprised of individuals with apparent and non apparent disabilities. Producers and Casting Director made a continuous effort to stay true to the story and to be inclusive, on both sides of the camera, to both the disabled community and the LGBTQ community the film represents.


T11 Incomplete” is currently being edited with a release date coming in 2019.


For more information visit www.aspirefilmproductions.com
Facebook https:// www.facebook.com/T11Incomplete




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