Ro Rowan Makes Gender Awareness Video For "1997"

Artist/activist makes gender awareness video to inspire LGBT youth.


Ro Rowan Instagram

Ro Rowan has released her debut music video, "1997," an autobiographical account of growing up in the '80s and '90s during a time when the gender expression binary left little room for variances. The song also highlights the role played by Rowan's mom, who, despite not understanding Rowan's gender expression and sexuality as a child, was supportive and made every attempt to understand. 

Rowan wrote, performed and recorded the music and edited the video. With home video spanning over two decades and including over 30 people of whom Rowan admires for their gender expression, "1997" was 2.5 years in the making. 

"My intention for making the video was to share my experience in the hope that LGBT youth would relate and know they are not alone," Rowan told Curve.

Watch the video below


For more info visit Ro Rowan's Official Website

Follow Ro Rowan on Instagram at: rorowan

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