Rise Up: Ani DiFranco Releases New Album Tour Dates

And she’s as politically engaged as ever!


Photo: GMDThree


After last year’s VOTE DAMMIT tour when Ani DiFranco urged citizens to vote in the 2016 elections, DiFranco is now urging those around her to “Rise Up,” connect with each other, and work for change.  This is the theme for her US tour in support of her latest album, BINARY, which kicks off September 28 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Artists/Activists Andrea Gibson, and Madame Gandhi join DiFranco to get involved. 


With DiFranco’s latest release BINARY, the iconic singer/songwriter/activist/poet/DIY trendsetter returns to territory that brought her to the world’s attention more than twenty-five years ago. Ani was one of the first artists to create her own label in 1990, and she has been recognized among the feminist pantheon for her entrepreneurship, social activism, and outspoken political lyrics. Critics and fans alike have praised BINARY, DiFranco’s twentieth albumGet tour dates and tickets here.


We can’t wait!


And for our recent interview with Ani, check out the latest edition of Curve!

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