Rejoice, Queer Country Enthusiasts! Karen & The Sorrows Are Back

The band is here to expand the queer country genus with their new album, The Narrow Place.


Karen & the Sorrows [L-R]: Tami Johnson, Karen Pittelman and Elana Redfield

Carole Litwin


Karen & The Sorrows are absolute trailblazers in the queer country movement, subverting the white male straight country music paradigm with their sweet, twangy tunes of queerness.


Country music is deeply characterized by the act of storytelling, and The Narrow Place stunningly epitomizes that. It’s an album of heartbreak and loss, with that soul stirring tone that roots brings.



The Sorrows are at the center of this growing queer country scene, creating a community for people who love country music even if country music doesn't always love them back.


 “Country music can tell compelling stories about family, love, heartbreak, and strength. Those stories should include all of our families, all of our love, and especially all of our heartbreak and our strength,” says vocalist Karen Pittleman.


The Narrow Place is out August 25th. 'Till then, here's track one from the album, Back Down to the Dirt:


To keep tabs on The Sorrows and the queer country scene, head to their website

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