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Rebecca Dolber Jewelry




Jewelry designer Rebecca Dolber, working from a studio in the East End of Long Island, as well as a satellite studio in Brooklyn, NY, handcrafts locally sourced materials into lovely and inspired pieces for her line R.E.D. Dolber believes that all clothing should be androgynous and so creates her work to be worn by both women and men. 


Her mother’s kitchen was where Dolber began her work and she has been forever greatly inspired by colors, textures, and unique materials. Her designs seem to spring from the parts of which they are made, almost creating themselves if such a thing were possible.


The work is equal parts inviting and playful. One of the best parts about it is the mixable, matachable, stackable, interchangeable style of it all, with nearly every piece allowing customizable in one way or another.


One of my favorites is her Bird Nest Ring. Dobler says that a trip to the Italian coast where she found herself wading through endless piles of chunky silver jewelry inspired the little wire warp beauties that make a strong statement without mercilessly weighing down your hand.  


Another fun piece she has created are the Snow Wraps. They are made from

Czech glass beads and you can choose black or brown leather. Designed to wrap one, two, or three times around the wrist, each has a sweet little button closure.  They are adjustable for wrists 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 inches or can be customized for nearly any size under the sun. 


Rebecca Dolber (Credit: Steph Grant Photography)


Her malas are also worth noting. After spending three weeks exploring southern India, Dolber found herself swept away by the temples there and was inspired to create these malas upon her return. Each piece is crafted with 108 solid wood beads and measures 26 inches. A  clear or sienna-colored swarovski crystal and tassel are added as finishing touches.


How we decorate ourselves says a lot about us. Some dress to impress. Others to inspire. Some have a devil may care attitude about it all. And others curate every stitch. Dolber’s work speaks to the aesthetic of so many different people and has an interesting calming effect, perhaps because of its inspired design.


It also invites wearers to play. To play as they both customize and wear the pieces, making them truly their own, a lovely way to show your true colors and ground yourself in the things that speak to you.


So much fashion and design today is obvious and repetitive. You can find it anywhere and wearing it does anything but delineate you from the mobs. But this work, in its subtle design; handpicked materials; and collaborative nature allows it to rise about the crowd, speaking softly while still delivering an enviable punch. 




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