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Premiere: Instant Love's Got A Way

Curve premieres Lolo Zouaï's cover of Billy Joel


via Instant Records

Instant Love was borne of International Women’s Day, a collaborative project hatched by Allison Zatarain and Richard Gottehrer from Instant Records, which sees female vocalists hash out classic male-sung songs about women, without changing the pronouns, and the latest installment will knock your socks off.


RnB artist, Lolo Zouaï has taken on Billy Joel’s She’s Got A Way. “I chose the song because of the changes in the melody. It's beautifully written,” she said. “It caught my ear and I knew that I could switch it up and make it my own. Sometimes you admire someone and don't know what it is that draws you to them. “


“The first time I heard Lolo's version I cried (as usual), as once again it unlocked so many feelings for women in my life past and present,” said Instant Records General Manager, Allison Zatarain. “To me, whatever side of the gender or sexual spectrum you may fall, it's hard to deny when a woman just knocks you out and leaves a permanent mark on your soul.”



Founder of Instant Records, Richard Gottehrer, says the Instant Love project is filling a gap that has existed in the music industry for far too long.


“From the birth of Rock and Roll music has always reflected what was happening in society. Songs guided us through our understanding of life in a constantly changing world,” he said. “However, music has been behind the times in reflecting our evolving definition of gender and love, and in expressing relationships between women.”


And worry not about falling for a fleeting fix. “We have no plans on stopping,” Richard said firmly.


Catch Lolo Zouaï's cover of She's Got A Way below:



And peruse the rest of the Instant Love project here:


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