New LGBTI Webseries ‘ADVOCATES’ Finds The Humor In Queer Advocacy

Nothing is sacred, from stupid acronyms, to straight people winning gay awards.


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Even though LGBTI advocacy is incredibly important to the wellbeing of our community, and the work that is done by organizations like ACON, GLAD, GLAAD and GenderPAC is vital if LGBTQI rights are to be fought for, socially accepted, and legally sanctioned, sometimes it can just be, well, funny. 


The various contradictions and confusions in contemporary identity politics, particularly in terms of gender and sexuality, are ripe for well-meaning satire and comedy. Like, let’s face it: the newly recognized acronym for The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is IDAHOBIT. We’re not saying that the day is not very significant: we are saying that ‘IDAHOBIT’ is an unfortunate acronym with hairy-footed, Middle Earth connotations.


Curve’s own staff writer Chloe Curran, alongside Lauren Elizabeth Neal (Cinetic Media, PDA), have realized the comedic potential we speak of, and have created a hilarious new web series, ‘ADVOCATES,’ a scripted digital comedy/satire series that celebrates and skewers LGBTQI advocacy. Created by and for the LGBTQI community, this irreverent, crowdfunded workplace comedy finds humor and absurdity in modern queer culture. 



ADVOCATES centers on GULPTAB*, a fictional nonprofit and America’s most powerful LGBTQI institution. The two-episode arc will follow protagonist Iris as she wrangles an intensely devoted trans fandom king, flirts with her inappropriate intern Casey, and tries to bridge the gap between two very different parts of the queer community. It will also feature Adrian butting heads with Straight Janet, GULPTAB’s basic yet twisted accountant. Finally, the GULPTAB* crew will meet the lesbian YouTubers from hell. 


“I was inspired to write ADVOCATES after years of watching LGBTQ characters whose storylines began and ended with ‘I’m not straight, HOW WILL I GO ON?’” says Curran. “The characters in ADVOCATES aren’t interesting because they’re queer. They are interesting people who happen to be queer. They are not victims or tropes. They are confident, opinionated, flawed people with different perspectives of how LGBTQ culture works and should work. ADVOCATES shows a side of LGBTQ culture I’ve never seen on screen.”


Unlike most shows, every queer character in ADVOCATES (including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans characters) is played by a queer actor. No exceptions. ADVOCATES has a strict no “gay angst” policy: the characters aren’t tormented by their sexuality, they own it.


“ADVOCATES was written and directed by queer women. The cast and crew of ADVOCATES are overwhelmingly queer, with gay, bi, trans, pan, and lesbian people behind and in front of the camera. Even the soundtrack is composed of only LGBTQ artists: Fabiola Cristina, DEVMO, and No Girlfriends. We wanted to create something authentic, weird, and funny that allows LGBTQ audiences to laugh at themselves.” 

We’ve seen the first few episodes, and they are, as promised, hilarious. Check it out for free, right here.


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