Kipper Clothiers Highlights Chic Casual Wear In Fall 2016 Collection

LGBTQ advocates are providing empowering clothing for any body type regardless of gender identity.


Jay Adams; Stylist Clara Frances

Kipper Clothiers is known for producing high-quality custom fitted gender neutral shirts and suits. Now, the company is adding an assortment of items for their fall 2016 collection to provide a chic casual wear for a relaxed fit without sacrificing quality. The newest collection includes an assortment of polos, denim, and Henley style shirts.

Based in San Francisco and founded in 2013 following the repeal of Proposition 8, Kipper Clothiers was born out of a need to create clothing that inspires pride and confidence within the LGBTQ community. 

Aiming to inspire clients to express their own personal creativity through unique patterns, colors, and textures, Kipper Clothiers remains committed to producing the highest quality of well-fitting tailored suits and shirts for both women and men.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Kipper Clothiers Erin Berg said, “We founded the company to cater to the needs of the LGBTQ community and offer custom tailored garments to every different body type, regardless of gender identity.”

                                                                                                                    Henley Style/Photo: Jay Adams;Stylist Clara Frances

He added that the company, “wanted to expand our line this year to make getting dressed easier and our brand more widely available for our customers, while integrating quality and individuality into every fit.”

Upholding the vision of the company, the fall 2016 collection includes an assortment of polos, denim, and Henley style shirts. These garments are ready for everyday life experiences and aims to propel the growing trend of gender neutrality in the fashion industry.

Berg said, “With the explosion of gender-neutral fashion from the runway to the mainstream, we are putting that resilience and self-expression front and center for the world to see. At Kipper Clothiers we believe in inclusively and expressing your identity through fashion. Fashion should know no gender.”

                                                                                                                            Polo/Photo: Jay Adams; Stylist Clara Frances

Check out the full collection here 

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