Game Changers: 20 Lesbians You Should Know About

A crowdfunding campaign has kicked off for this large format book


Game Changers: 20 Lesbians You Should Know About is a new project from Robin Lowey. This large colorful large-format book contains stories, biographies, and illustrated timelines featuring lesbians over 50 who came out early in their lives and made significant contributions to LGBTQ culture.

Included in the book will be women like Franco Stevens (who is the founding publisher of Curve), Kate Kendall, Kathy Wolfe, Jenni Olson, Jewelle Gomez and many others.

The book is being created as a resource for students as a result of The FAIR Act. This recent law requires the inclusion of LGBT History and Social Studies in the California public school curriculum.

Lowey aims to provide positive education about LGBTQ history, community, and contributions to society by featuring many key women who came out early in live and forged a path for the future of lesbian culture.

The book will have six pages dedicated to each featured woman as well has include a pull-out Game Card which highlights ‘fun facts’ about each woman.

Lowey has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help complete the book. The money will be used for printing and publishing expenses for an initial run of up to 1000 books.

Books will be gifted to donors as well as over 150 public schools in the Bay Area with remaining books to be sold online.

To learn more and help out, click here

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