Feeling Queery With Cameron Esposito

This chick is living and breathing comedy these days, so here's a look at her latest projects.


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They say that in times of hardship, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Well in this political climate, we are in serious need of a smile, and thank goodness that Cameron Esposito is here to give us a hand.


Chicken soup for our disillusioned, podcast loving souls, Cameron is joined by queer luminaries for 60-minute interviews in her podcast, Queery. Highlights on Queery include, talking gender and growing up in Chicago with Transparent creator Jill Soloway; motherhood with Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood; had separate, hour long conversation about sexism, touring, adolescence and a zillion other things with Tegan and Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara; queer presentation with activist Madin Lopez; queer characters in animation with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar; emigrating to the U.S. with comic Solomon Georgio; being bi and dating men with Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz; religion and spirituality with actor Jen Richards, and plenty more. 

Cameron has also teamed up with her wife, Rhea Butcher to release a joint comedy album, Back to Back. The 12 track comedy album includes six duo tracks featuring Cameron and Rhea together, followed by three solo tracks from each of them. The album, the first from a same sex married couple performing as a duo act and separately, features all new material and both comic’s edgy and human takes on love, identity and pop culture.


Check out Queery here, and you can get your hands on Back to Back here.


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