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Clothing For Equality

The Clothing Brand Fighting For Equality


Project Comfort


With their unique style and portion of each sale going to fight for equality, Project Comfort is one fashion company we can sure be proud of.


As women we tend to be hard on ourselves when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for that special night out or the right wardrobe that fits our body type. Sometimes we can be downright awful to that person staring back at us in the mirror. As gay women, it can be even more difficult to find clothes that we feel ultra-comfortable in. That’s where Jillian Brooks and the people at Project Comfort come in!


If you’re kind of a little tomboy-ish like I am and a total equality nut, than this company has everything you want and more in terms of style AND activism. Get comfy while playing a vital role in the fight for equality. We may have won the war for marriage in the country but there are still a lot of little battles to be won around the country!


Project Comfort

Project Comfort is a woman owned business offering clothing styles for the modern day proud individual with $10 from every item sold goes to an LGBTQ nonprofit organization.


“The idea for Project Comfort came from my own struggles finding sensible, everyday attire that I felt good in, and could wear to my then super-corporate job,” said owner Jillian Brooks. “I wanted to create something that was accessible and affordable, but also gave back to the community.”


Giving back is something this company likes to do a lot of. So far, in 2015, Project Comfort has donated $2,000 to five different LGBTQ nonprofits; which is proof that your purchase makes an impact. “Some organizations found us and some we made connections with through networking or just reaching out,” said Brooks. “We’d love to expand the network and work with LGBTQ nonprofits across the country so that every costumer has the opportunity to donate to an organization that’s close to home.”


So what’s the bottom line here, Jill? “Self-expression and empowerment! We work to empower the LGBTQ community in two main ways – by providing clothing offerings designed for more diverse identities and individuals, and by donating $10 per item to LGBTQ nonprofits, which the costumer selects themselves.” (projectcomfortusa.com)


Fight the good fight and look good doing it. Any interested nonprofits should email: projectcomfortusa@gmail.com


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