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So simple yet so effective!



It’s one of those things that I had no idea how much I needed it until I stumbled upon it. It’s a simple bangle with a channel in it designed to hold a hair elastic. If you’re a long-haired girl who has forever worn an elastic on her wrist just in case a ponytail suddenly became in order, you will very quickly understand the attraction to this clever little invention.


I’ve never been a fan of how it looked to have a black band on my wrist, often squeezing the life out of it. So when I saw the BitterSweet, I was probably a little more excited than a girl should be about a piece of jewelry. But when I tried this little invention out, I was over the moon. No more mark on my wrist and no more ugly black band. Just a pretty silver bangle with what looks like a black (or any other color for that matter) stripe when I add a hair elastic. Brilliant.


BitterSweet Bracelet with hair band

I wear the silver for the minimal flower design. But they also offer gold and rose gold and black and they all come in a choice of the flower pattern, a perfectly plain option, and a rippled sort of design. The designs are all modern and elegant, and I haven’t found a thing in my wardrobe that it doesn’t go with the one I have. I find that I’m either wearing it or I already have an elastic in my hair and no matter where I go, someone asks me about it. It’s one of those funny little things that make people say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Shireen Thor and her husband pride themselves on being the “I did think of that!” people because of their penchant for problem solving and design development. So when the two realized what a common and irritating beauty issue this hair elastic on the wrist thing was, the two set out to create this fabulous bangle. They both work in prosthetic and orthopedic product design development, interestingly enough, and together have 25 years of experience in product design.


Wear you hair band with style!

Thor says that the bracelets are just the beginning in terms of putting their design know-how to use. They are also working to create a product design house for solving all sorts of daily annoyances. All I know is if this bracelet is any indication, we are all about to be gifted with solutions to lots of those little life irritations that we might not have even know could be solved!




** For free shipping within the US just use the code CURVE at checkout.   


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