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Archive »Performing Art

The Theater Offensive

Happy silver anniversary!

Cheryl King & Women at Work

September 17-24, 2014 NYC Festival

Archive »Art

"Blingsting" Products Could Save Your Life!

Stay safe and be blinged out all at the same time.

What Does Queer Mean to You?

How an artists and activist chose to explore the meanings of “queer.”

Archive »Humor

Tig Notaro Gets the Last Laugh

How the out comic turned tragedy into comic gold.

12 Awkward Questions Straight People Ask Lesbians

And how to inappropriately answer them.

Archive »Literature

Immortal Words: Lesbians in Vampire Fiction

The transformation of lesbians in popular literature.

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter Two)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

Archive »Fund Lesbian Projects

The Birthplace of Lesbian Chic

A new documentary celebrates the legendary Sunday nights at Café Tabac

MIA XARA – More Than Just Another Love Story!

»BBC called it a fascinating story and territory, American award winning film director Nicole Conn described it as her cup of tea.«

Archive »Multicultural

Hey, Pocahontas!

Surviving Bullying and Becoming An Active Bystander

The Most Important Person in my Life

My grandfather filled the position of my father.