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Watch Danielle LoPresti’s New Music Video ‘Holy’

'Holy' aims to advance the discussion with those who don't yet see the equality of all people.


Indie recording artist Danielle LoPresti has released her new music video, ‘Holy’.

In a lead up to the release, LoPresti released three teaser trailers showing real life families and couples who are seemingly debating equal acknowledgement of their sexuality and relationships with a palpable undertone of religion.

The video features Anna Khaja, known for her work on Quantico and Silicon Valley, as a Christian Minister who attempts to save the souls of her LGBT congregation members. LoPresti’s real-life spouse, Alicia Champion, among several others appears in the video.

The unscripted dialogue between Khaja’s Minister and the families through the video create a riveting debate over the heart of the Bible’s messaging.

About Holy, LoPresti says “My hope is that Holy will help advance the discussion with those who don’t yet see the equality of all people. No matter how firm folks may be in their beliefs, real progress begins when we find the courage to not only be who we are in the midst of one another’s differences, but to listen and engage in compassionate exchange.

100% of the proceeds will go to the One Orlando Fund to benefit the victims, families and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub massacre.

Watch the video below!


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