There's Something About Mary

This short film inspired by the Global Women’s March needs your help.



Inspired by the Global Women’s March, Mary Tries to Get a Piece is a short film about a Mexican Lesbian looking for a casual hook-up on a Saturday night, when she finds much more than she bargained for.


“Mary is a short comedic film inspired by the Global Women's March that reinforces sisterhood, equality and the importance of standing up,” said creator Eric A. Vasallo. “It is a story that shows how struggle can help us discover our personal power to keep us free and in an awakened state.”


Mary, the central character of this short film is a Mexican-American, millennial lesbian who is seeking a ‘no-strings-attached’ hookup in Los Angeles on a Saturday night, but after ending up in a dangerous situation, summons her inner superhero to break free.


Eric says, the donations made for the film on Indiegogo will help to bring this film of sisterhood and love to life and will also offer a new, more positive narrative of LGBTIQ stories to the public.


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