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Spoon The Prune Bringing Brand New Comedy

With a team of 95% female and 50% queer filmmakers!


Award Winners: Sapphire Macintosh, Hannah Almond Barr

Image: Emily Almond Barr


Created by writer/director Alice Trueman with Almond Tree Productions - we are a team of 95% female and 50% queer filmmakers ready to shake up the world of sketch comedy. Harking back to those classic shows from the 90s, but with our own unique twist.


Ever heard of a wayward arm? Need any more reasons to avoid fancy dress parties? Wondering what it actually means for a woman to win an Oscar? Then this is the show for you...


The unique thing about our comedy sketches is that they bridge the gap between mainstream and ‘counter’ culture: There is relief and commonality to be found in laughter - Spoon the Prune is a fun, laugh-out-loud comedy series, which also happens to champion marginalised voices. The ‘incidental’ manner in which these characters’ identities exist, within the surreal and playful world of Spoon The Prune, is refreshing and inviting, drawing an audience as diverse and broad as the show itself.


Not only are LGBTQ, female-identifying and BAME characters put centre stage here, but taboos around mental health and gender inequality are satirised with a lightness of touch which makes this an accessible and contemporary sketch series.


The Party
Isaura Barbé-Brown, Hannah Almond, April Small
Image credit: Emily Almond Barr




Writer/Director - Alice Trueman

An award-winning writer/director, Alice’s short films have screened at numerous BAFTA-qualifying festivals, and her plays have toured to theatres around the UK. Most recently Alice won ‘South East Stories New Filmmaking Talent’ run by Film Hub South East /BFI NETWORK. Her debut short film, EGG, starred Sally Phillips, and her award-winning short JAS just screened at the BFI Flare festival.



Producer - Lizzie Wilkinson

Once upon a time, Lizzie returned a mystery wallet to its owner who ran a Soho production company and offered her a job! Today she works across a variety of formats from commercials to music videos and fashion films. Recently she has focused on narrative work with an emphasis on queer themes and the centering of lesser heard voices.


Production Designer - Moira Lam

British-born Chinese Production Designer, Moira started with

Animation experience in the live performance industry - creating live projected visuals for theatre, opera and concerts.

A multidisciplinary designer creatively transforming different

characters and environments, utilising her skills for projects she is passionate about.  Recent work include a homeless charity campaign, LGBT short film and rebranding the Pornfilmfestival Berlin!



Almond Tree Productions

Almond Tree Productions (actor Hannah Almond Barr and DoP Emily Almond Barr), is made up of female identifying, Queer &/or BAME filmmakers.  ATP create short films, branded content, music videos and documentaries. They are not here to tick boxes but to carve a space for talent and expression.



Check out Spoon the Prune here:


Twitter: @spoontheprune

Instagram: @spoon_the_prune





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