Queer Kid Stuff: What Does Gay Mean?

Watch the first episode of the new educational LGBTQ+ web series for kids.


“Queer Kid Stuff,"  created and hosted by Lindsay Amer, aims to eliminate stigma by educating future generations through free and entertaining videos.

The pilot episode, What Does Gay Mean?, premiered today. In this first video, Lindsay and her co-host/best stuffed friend, Teddy, defines ‘gay’ through a kid-friendly vlog-style conversation focused on love and family.

The series also includes a free activity sheet to accompany each episode. The activity sheet emphasizes the video’s lesson through fun activities that can be completed anywhere there might be a box of crayons. 

The videos can be used by parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ adults to explain what gay is to the young children in their lives.

Watch the pilot episode below and download the free activity sheet here.

To help fund the first full season of videos which will be posted for free on YouTube and will include activity sheets, visit the Queer Kid Stuff Patreon page.

More Information:

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