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New YouTube Series “Queer And Disabled”

Women answer questions about the intersection of queer and disabled identities.


“Queer and Disabled” is a new video series on YouTube featuring four young women who identify as both queer and disabled. Annie Segarra, Rachel Anne, Robyn Lambird, and Erin E. Come from the U.S., from Canada, and from Australia.

All four women have mainly physical disabilities including hypermobility, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

In this series, the women answer several questions about the intersection of identifying as queer and being disabled. They discuss accessibility, representation, fetishization, and desexualisation throughout the series as well as different ways to approach dating someone with a disability.

In The first video, Mosconceptions, the women answer “What are some misconceptions you think people have about the sexualities of disabled people?”

Watch the video below:

 Disclaimer: In the context of this video asexuality if referenced in order to discuss the two extremes of sexual desire. This is not to imply that there are no asexual disabled people but merely a call to avoid thinking of disabled people as either extreme and recognize them as individuals with varying identities.

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