Take A Sneak Peek At OITNB, Season 5

Plus, Kristen and Stella are already merging to the max.



The First OITNB Trailer Is Here And It Is Intense

SPOILER ALERT, obviously. Last year’s rather bleak season of OITNB ended with the death of a lesbian (because Hollywood is suh original) and a blossoming riot. The first trailer for the next season dropped, and it picks up right where last season left off. Expect intensity, fury, and doom. Remember when this show was fun? That was fun.



GLAAD Media Awards Honors The Gays—And The Girls, Too!

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The GLAAD Media Awards took place in LA last week and featured a star-studded roster including Cameron Esposito as host, Mary J. Blige, Patricia Arquette and Tatiana Maslany. While Moonlight inevitably won best picture, female-driven winners included Jill Soloway’s Transparent for Best Comedy, Black Mirror’s San Junipero episode for Best Episode, and Laura Zak’s Herstory for Special Recognition. Follow GLAAD here.


Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Are Lesbian Couple Outfit/ab #GOALS

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I never thought I’d use #GOALS in a headline but we all fall, eventually. Stewart and Maxwell were spotted in New Orleans sporting matching outfits because the urge to merge is powerful. Unlike the plebians, matchy-matchy Maxwell and Stewart look both casual and stylish. This is a supermodel and the face of Chanel we’re talking about. They sported white crop tops, striped ankle socks, leather jackets, and itty bitty shorts. Kristen Stewart turned 27 last week, so she’s clearly celebrating by taking her abs out on the town in NOLA.


Amber Heard Bolted From Gala Due to Serious Medical Emergency

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What would it take for YOU to run out of a Gala before receiving your award? Granted, I’ve never heard of “Unite4Humanity” and question the integrity of any philanthropic organization that substitutes a number for a word. However, Heard walked the red carpet on Friday before leaving abruptly due to a “serious emergency.” According to Heard’s friends and family, who were present and appeared “distressed,” Heard suffered from a medical emergency and went to the hospital.


Sense8 Season Two Trailer Is Here


Lots of voice overs and dramatic music and art.


There’s Some Lesbianing On Britain's Next Top Model

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Contestants Tallulah-Bluebell and Jennifer Malengele were found in bed together, and all the other girls in the house freaked out and squealed because straight girls are annoying. They think it’s “a weird situation” as if two people hooking up in a reality TV house is totally unprecedented.


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