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Samira Wiley Has A New Comedy Series And Hayley Kiyoko Releases Sexy Music Video

Plus Ellen DeGeneres blasted for sexism?


Hayley Kiyoko Has All The Feels In New Video “Feelings”


Hayley Kiyoko reps lesbians with mad feelings in the music video for her new song “Feelings.” Directed by Kiyoko, “Feelings” is a dancey, romantic groove about finally pursuing that girl you’ve been eyeing. "I over communicate and feel too much / I just complicate it when I say too much / I laugh about it, dream about that casual touch / Sex, fire, sick and tired of acting all tough / I'm hooked on all these feelings," she croons in the oh-so-relatable chorus.


Set in a dark, misty parking lot, “Feelings” depicts Kiyoko sweet talking and dancing around a sexy brunette who coyly flirts back. It’s a fun, energetic video that blends well with the song’s energetic and club-ready beat.


Samira Wiley Co-Stars In YouTube Red Series “Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television*”


Need your Samira fix? YouTube Red has got you covered. She’s co-starring in their new action-comedy procedural “Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television,” as straight-laced detective Jessica Mathers, who solves crimes alongside Ryan Hansen (playing himself) when the LAPD decides to partner actors with homicide detectives in a special, ultra meta task force. The first two episodes are free, but if you want to see the full show, you’ll have to subscribe to YouTube Red. It’s an irreverent, modern parody of police procedurals featuring an array of well-known comic actors playing heightened, bizarre versions of themselves. Samira Wiley showed some fantastic comedy skills in OITNB, so I’m excited to see her play a lighter role after the intensity of A Handmaiden’s Tale.


In other Samira news, the newlywed brought Architectural Digest into her lesbian love nest. Check out the gorgeous photos of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s first house together here to complete your celesbian stalking.


Queen Latifah Stars In “Flint” on Lifetime


Say what you want about Queen Latifah, she’s clearly not a snob. The Queen brought her skills to the smallest and least hallowed of small screens, the VERY EMOTIONAL Lifetime Original Movie. Why? Is she running low on funds? Hardly. Bored? Maybe. But the most obvious explanation for Queen Latifah’s unexpected slumming into a supporting role in a Lifetime original movie is the story’s social and political significance. Flint is about—you guessed it—the toxic water crisis in an impoverished Michigan community. Reviewers aren’t raving about Flint. Variety opens their review by stating that “It almost doesn’t matter if Flint is any good or not,” which is an exotic and unpromising way to open a film review. However, the true story of untrained female activists who manage to bring national attention to a local health crisis is inspiring and devastating enough to resonate without the added perk of a decent script. Fans of Erin Brockovich (AWESOME MOVIE) and badass women standing up for their communities will enjoy Flint. Flint, Michigan remains without clean water.


Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Via instagram


Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso took to social media to celebrate their one-year-anniversary last week. The power celesbian couple originally dated ten years ago, then rekindled the relationship last year. Since reconnecting and officially becoming a couple, Ruby and Jess have been very publicly in love and exclusive, often gushing publicly about their happy relationship. Their love is either inspiring or nauseating, depending on how you currently feel about love. “Happy anniversary baby. Thanks for letting me sleep with [my dog] Chance on my side of the bed every night. I love you,” Jessica wrote on Instagram on Friday. Rose made a similar tribute on her Instagram, writing “Happy 1 year baby… and happy almost 10 years of on and off and on and off and on and off and on haha.” So next time your friends beg you to stop getting back together with that one ex, tell them it worked ok for Ruby Rose. Then stop talking about her, because they’re clearly sick of it.


Carmilla Movie Debuts

via instagram


If you’re part of the devoted Carmilla fandom who call themselves “Creampuffs,” this is old news. If you’re not, there’s a new lesbian movie starring queer movie with (GASP) a happy ending. Yes, you heard me: a movie filled with LGBTQ characters who have fun, light romps, lots of make out sessions, cute flirtations, and even a full on Victorian ball filled exclusively with queer women in dope corsets. The Carmilla movie is the much anticipated full length sequel to the wildly popular Carmilla webseries, which centered around a moody lesbian vampire and her perky roommate/eventual girlfriend. Instead of watching yet another depressing, exploitive, stupid lesbian movie written by and starring straight people, watch Carmilla and have a little feel good fun. You can watch it exclusively on FullScreen.


Ellen Slammed For Objectifying Katy Perry


Twitter is mad at Ellen DeGeneres for a ‘Happy Birthday’ tweet to Katy Perry that some are calling sexist. In the tweet (embedded above) Ellen jokes about Perry’s boobs and posts an old picture of her looking at them. Perry and DeGeneres are friends, and at first glance, the tweet seems to be a bawdy joke. However, in the light of the sexual harassment scandals rocking entertainment, some Twitter users took Ellen’s tweet as an opportunity to make some ridiculous point about double standards. Yes, these people were mostly men. Michael Rapaport stated that “the world would stop” if a man had sent this tweet. Piers Morgan (who has been called out on sexism several times) said that if a man tweeted something similar, “Ellen would be leading the “cries of ‘SEXIST PIG!’”


Let me take a moment to break this down. Men who are threatened by the idea of facing consequences for sexism and sexual harassment are now looking for ways to discredit the movement. One tactic is claiming “double standard,” implying that the backlash men face is somehow oversized, unjustified, or (their favorite) “a witch hunt.” To provide proof of this, they find examples of women making sexual/physical jokes towards other women and vilify them. Then, they claim they’re just being logical—implying that women are illogical and unable to understand their flawless male factuality. It’s a classic male tactic of avoiding responsibility. And it’s bullshit. A woman, no matter of her sexuality, can make jokes about boobs with other women, providing they are comfortable with those jokes. Since Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres are friends, and have publicly joked about this picture before, it is clear by their own account that nothing nonconsensual or unwanted is happening in Ellen’s tweet. There is a vast sea of difference between women joking about their own bodies with each other and men sexually harassing women. This is not about a lack of logic in the #metoo movement, or a war on men.


This is about consent and intent. These men lashing out at Ellen are simply looking for a chance to lash out at women, and have selected a lesbian because gay women have been historically vilified and scapegoated. Their arguments are bullshit, a weak attempt to deflect righteous feminist movement from their own sorry, sexist asses. Their logic is invalid because their very premise and assumptions are clearly flawed. And frankly, I’m sick of men stating their own opinions as facts, their own prejudices as logic, and their own reckoning as a fucking witch hunt. You have it coming. Deal with it.


Mandy Moore Reveals Her Mother and Brothers Are Gay

Via instagram


Mandy Moore has been my unsung hero since she stole the show in "Saved," and now I have yet another reason to adore her. In a recent interview with Byrdie, Moore revealed that her own family is happily untraditional. “I’ve never really talked about this,” she stated, “but my parents are divorced. My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay.”


Damnnnn. Way to just casually drop your big gay family into a random interview. No fuss or production. Just the truth. Moore’s parents were married while she was growing up, but the family started to fracture as her brothers got older. Today, Moore says her family is “exactly where they should be. Everyone’s so much happier, richer and more fulfilled, being their authentic selves.”


Mandy forever.



Happy Halloween, ya’ll!


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