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Lena Waithe Calls Out Closeted Celebrities, Cynthia Nixon Is Running For Governor Of New York

Plus Queer Latinas are Covergirls.


Queer Latinas Cover The Advocate

Source: Instagram


Two badass women are repping latinas on The Advocate’s March cover. The queer, Cuban-American Natalie Morales (Sheriff Anne Garcia on Santa Clarita Diet) and bisexual, Argentinian-American Stephanie Beatriz (Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) practically glow off the page in sleek monochromatic jumpsuits and megawatt grins. The spread is accompanied by in-depth interviews with both actresses about coming out, love, sexuality, Hollywood, and the obligatory nod to #MeToo. Good stuff. Read the full piece here.


Oh Good, It’s Another Sexxxxy Thriller About Doomed Lesbian Love


Shoot me now. Seriously, roll down bum fuck, Florida, pop into my Father’s yard, crack open the gun shed (a gun shed is a normal shed that is filled with guns, native to the Southern North American regions), select your weapon (I’d prefer the vintage derringer but I understand if you’re seduced by the illegal semi-automatic), and put me out of the misery induced by learning of yet another doomed lesbian love movie. Allure, an upcoming film starring Evan Rachel Wood, is a drama about the doomed, unhealthy love between a housecleaner and underage girl. There’s a lot of crying in the trailer, so yay for more sad lesbians! Can’t get enough of those. Yum Yum. Evan Rachel Wood is smart and can afford to be choosy, so I hope there’s some redeeming interesting factor in this otherwise played out story. WHY ARE THESE THE ONLY MOVIES ABOUT LESBIANS THAT GET MADE? IS IT BECAUSE THE STRAIGHT MEN WHO CONTROL HOLLYWOOD ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN WATCHING GAY WOMEN FUCK AND SUFFER? HMM. MAYBE. YES, THAT’S EXACTLY IT.


Lena Waithe Calls On People Of Color In Hollywood To Come Out


Lena Waithe stopped by The View and shared some strong words about Hollywood closet cases of color. “If you think about Hollywood. There are a lot of people in Hollywood. Think about how many black people there are in Hollywood. It’s a nice little number, especially, we’re growing now," Waithe said. “Think about how many out gay black people there are in Hollywood. You can count them on one or two hands. The numbers don’t add up.” She rattled off a few examples like Wanda Sykes and RuPaul, then theorized that POC in Hollywood don’t come out because they think “Well, it’s my private life.” But Waithe clearly isn’t a fan of that thinking. She continued, “Honestly, we have to be a beacon of light for those young kids of color who are wondering, Am I weird? Is something wrong with me? What quality of life might I have?”


There’s been much controversial ado in LGBTQ communities about whether celebrities or even commoners have a responsibility to be out if they can do so safely. I applaud Waithe for firmly expressing her stance on the issue. She’s over it. “It’s great to have allies, but honestly I’m just kind of over it [people who could make a difference remaining closeted] a little bit,” Waithe stated later in the interview. “My thing is I want to be here and hold somebody’s hand and be supportive.” Fuck yeah Waithe. Watch the full segment above.


Cynthia Nixon Is Running For New York Governor

Miranda Hobbes switched to women and now she’s switching to politics. The bisexual New York native and former Sex And The City star announced her candidacy for New York Governor this week. She’s running as a Democrat (obvs) and challenging Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Nixon’s platform involves fixing the subway, poverty, and income inequality. Cuomo isn’t popular right now so Nixon might actually have a shot.


Fifth Harmony’s Breakup Sends Lauren Jauregui Adrift



Fifth Harmony ain’t gonna work, work, work together no more. The girl group is going on indefinite hiatus to pursue solo careers. Somewhere, Camila Cabello is cackling. Bisexual member Lauren Jauregui’s first solo appearance will be on Demi Lovato’s “mental health tour,” a weird sounding group therapy session tacked on to Lovato’s "Tell Me You Love Me"tour with DJ Khaled. Jauregui will be a guest speaker on mental illness. Adding group therapy is the only way to make a DJ Khaled/Demi Lovato concert in Miami sound worse.




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