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Ellen Page Was Outed At 18, Lena Waithe Is Out Artist Of The Year

Plus Melissa Etheridge pleads guilty.


Ellen Page Was Harassed, Outed By Brett Ratner

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After influential director and producer Brett Ratner was accused of sexual harassment by several women, Ellen Page wrote about her own horrifying experience with Ratner on Facebook. Ellen says Ratner outed and harassed her on the set of X-Men, using his power as director to homophobically bully the then-18 year old actress. Fellow X-Men co-star and out celebrity Anna Paquin has since backed up Ellen’s account, saying she witnessed Ratner’s actions. It’s awful and I’m so glad this fucker is going down. Read the full account here.


Lena Waithe Is Out’s Artist Of The Year

via Out Magazine


Out Magazine just revealed their annual Out100, and Lena Waithe scored the coveted title (and accompanying cover) of “Artist of The Year.” A deserving accolade for the first black woman (and LGBTQ woman) ever to win an Emmy for Comedy Writing. Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.


Portia de Rossi Was Sexually Harassed By Steven Seagal


Inspired by the continuing onslaught of sexual harassment incidents in Hollywood, Portia de Rossi revealed her experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of Steven Seagal on Twitter. This is both horrible and unsurprising. Seagal’s former assistant sued him for sexual harassment and human trafficking.


Rosie O’Donnell Claims She Knew Whitney Houston Had A Girlfriend


During a recent appearance on Bravo’s notoriously drunk over-sharing couch, Rosie O’Donnell revealed that she knew Whitney Houston’s girlfriend Robyn Crawford. “I knew that they were together,” she said. “I was friends with a lot of very athletic older lesbian women who were in the WNBA – all these basketball playing women... I knew that, I knew it for a very long time. Everyone sort of knew it.” Rumors of Whitney Houston’s bisexuality and relationship with personal assistant Robyn Crawford have been around for years, and this just adds to the solid evidence backing those rumors.


Diana Nyad Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Coach

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Everything is horrible. Lesbian swimming legend Diana Nyad wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about being sexually assaulted by her swimming coach at fourteen. “Here I was, a strong-willed young athlete. There he was, a charismatic pillar of the community,” Nyad begins. “But I’m the one who, all these many years later, at the age of 68, no matter how happy and together I may be, continues to deal with the rage and the shame that comes with being silenced.” It is devastating and sad and you should read it.


Melissa Etheridge Pleads Guilty To Marijuana Charge

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Etheridge pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor possession charge stemming from her August arrest in North Dakota. She’ll pay a fine and serve unsupervised probation for possessing marijuana cigarettes and oil. It’s less “slap on the cuffs” than a “slap on the wrists” for the out singer.


Stella Maxwell Flashes Her Bum In A Hot Pink Thong

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Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend isn’t shy about showing off her anatomically perfect body. And why should she be? If I was beautiful, blonde, and had 0% body fat, you couldn’t pay me to wear sweatpants. My bits would be blowing in the wind, out and proud, every damn day. The Victoria’s Secret Angel posted a sexy picture on Instagram wearing nothing but a hot pink thong and crop top, expressing her excitement for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show. As a woman, I find the Victoria’s Secret show a depressing reminder of my own physical mediocrity. As a gay woman, I would very much like to drink a bottle of wine and objectify the hell out of these models from the comfort of my vast couch. As a woman struggling to suppress her bad taste, I am haunted by the impulse to deck myself in the sparkly neon stupidity that defines these shows, style and body type be damned. Being a woman is complicated.


Is Ruby Rose Too Thin?

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After the widely circulated Daily Mail alleged that Ruby Rose’s weight had dropped to an unhealthy 97lbs, concerned fans swarmed the star’s social media presence to express their dismay. The article quoted a “Hollywood Dietician” who insisted, “Her family and management team need to encourage her to gain some weight before it's too late.”  Rose reacted with righteous fury, slamming the Daily Mail for irresponsible, sexist “body shaming” and claiming to be healthier than ever. “You are reckless and no Hollywood expert should behave the way you do,” she wrote to the quoted “expert” on Twitter. “Telling a magazine MY “manager, friends and family should get involved and help me before it’s too late” and that my weight is “44 kilos” (I’d probably be in hospital if that were true) is so maddening and irresponsible. I have the best team, family, friends, partner and medical professionals (not the ones who want to be tv hosts but actual credible eastern and western doctors) and I’m running at optimum level. I am deficient in nothing and have endless energy.”


So who’s right here? Is it ever appropriate for media to judge and speculate about a female star’s weight? Or is it always body shaming rooted in misogyny and ignorance? I’m going to go with the latter. While Rose did look extremely skinny on the Country Music Awards Red Carpet last weekend, she’s also a vegan model who rose to fame because of the way she looked. Being tall and skinny is a basic requirement for most modeling careers.The article used side by side comparisons of Rose in 2008 and 2017 to show how her body had changed, and Rose is clearly thinner and more toned than she was almost ten years ago. However, she’s also now a Hollywood actress. That’s how they’re expected to look. If Rose says she’s healthy and happy, we have no place judging her.


Liz Smith, Gossip Columnist Who Dished On The Boldfaced-Name Set, Dies At 94

Liz Smith (right)


Liz Smith, the iconic, out gossip columnist who defined entertainment journalism for decades, has died at ninety-four. The vivacious, funny Texan’s column was syndicated in over 70 newspapers during its heyday, read by millions who rightfully treated Smith as the ultimate insider. She was insightful, but never spiteful, setting herself apart with knowledgeable, detailed commentary rather than slash and burn snark. Her writing brought her fame, wealth, and acceptance into New York City high society. Not bad for a queer Southern girl who dreamed big. Liz Smith was perhaps the last great American gossip columnist, a respected journalist who never lost her sense of wonder and humor. She’s a tribute to our community and I hope she is remembered.



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