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Cara Delevingne Might Be Dating Paris Jackson, Bisexual Olympian Breaks Records

Sundance's starlet darling is a queer Black woman.


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Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson (yes, that Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson) were spotted holding hands while partying in London last week, sparking rumors of romance between the 25 year old model/actress and the 19 year old model/actress. What do think these people talk about? What it means to be born into unspeakable wealth, grow up beautiful, and enjoy every opportunity that life could possibly imagine? The benefits of a dairy-free diet? Their respective Mommy/Daddy issues? Where to score the best cocaine in London? It’s a puzzle. Cara and Paris were first spotted together last November in a meet cute straight out of Gossip Girl: creeping out of a nightclub via fire escape, hands clenched together. One public hand holding can be chalked up to coincidence, particularly when it involves heights. But two? And a shared hotel room during fashion week? That’s not friendship, it’s flirtation.

According to the Daily Mail, that Anglo hotbed of lesbian gossip, “Paris and Cara have reportedly been 'hanging out' after 'hitting it off' at the MTV Movie Awards last year.” So who is this Paris Jackson? And is she gay? No, probably not. Jackson had a serious boyfriend until 2017. However, she may be bisexual. Last year various gossip sites reported Jackson had been using the celebrity dating app “Raya” to hook up with with women. Jackson didn’t comment on those rumors, but as her fame rises in accordance to all those fun acting and modeling opportunities her father’s fame provided, that may change.

I’ll go ahead and call it: After a few more sightings with Cara, Paris will make a vague statement from the Miley/Demi school of sexuality about how she loves the person, not the gender, and insist that her personal life is personal. This will result in higher caliber press coverage from mainstream magazines, and maybe a think piece about how millennial women are embracing sexual fluidity. Then, right before making her film debut in “Gringo” (out this year!), Paris Jackson will score a magazine cover heralding her as a rising starlet who plays by her own rules. In those glossy pages, she’ll coyly cop to dating women, identifying as either pansexual or “label free.” We’ll hail her as a role model to young queer women.

And that, my dear readers, is how the sausage is made.


Courtney Barnett Drops New Single



Courtney Barnett, lesbian, Australian, and badass rockstar, has graced us with a new single that slams trolls and references Margaret Atwood. Girl did not come to play. “Nameless, Faceless,” was inspired by Barnett’s experiences with nasty cyber trolls. The energetic, grunge infused track mixes Barnett’s signature droll croon with a catchy beat that begs to be cranked up way loud. Quoting Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood, Courtney snears “I want to walk through the park in the dark / Men are scared that women will laugh at them. I want to walk through the park in the dark / Women are scared that men will kill them / I hold my keys between my fingers.” Which is so damn true I want to slow clap. You can watch the video above.


Sundance’s Latest Darling As A Queer Woman of Color

source: instagram


You might recognize Kiersey Clemons from “Dope,” 2015’s critically acclaimed comedy about a group of geeks growing up in South Central L.A. Clemons played Diggy, a charming androgynous lesbian in an otherwise all male teen clique. Now she’s back at Sundance in their official closing night selection “Hearts Beat Loud,” playing another queer character, and out as a queer woman. In a new interview with INTO, Clemons spoke about her queer identity and her experience coming out in the press (for Dope) before fully grappling with her sexuality. "I didn’t realize how inappropriate it was that everyone was asking me if I was gay or straight," she said.  "I was like 19, and I wasn’t talking about who I was dating with my parents, [much less] my sexuality. Going to your parents, whether you’re gay or straight, and being like 'Oh, I’m dating someone' is not a thing that you do because you’re not taken seriously. And so I was getting asked in the media about my sexuality before I had even like thought about having to like tell anybody anything like that. I look back and I’m like 'Oh, that is so crazy'" Not knowing how to handle the questions, Clemons denied. "I remember not even really thinking about it, and being like 'Oh, no—I’m straight,'" she says. "And it was like I automatically—it was like I subconsciously knew not to even dive into that conversation because, also, if you avoid the question, then you’re starting a whole thing. I just wanted to talk about the movie, so I dodged it, and now no one even asks because they just assume, and so I’m just cozy.” So cozy she brought her girlfriend to Sundance. Adorable. I’m adding Clemons to my Curve stalk list and highly recommend you read the full interview.


Bisexual Dutch Speed Skater Ireen Wüst Becomes The Most Decorated LGBTQ Olympian Ever

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We got the gold! And by “we” I mean “a bisexual woman” and by “the gold” I mean “TEN OLYMPIC MEDALS.” Ireen Wüst, Dutch speed skater and bisexual extraordinaire, won a groundbreaking 10th gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics. This makes her the most decorated LGBTQ Olympian in history AND the most decorated Speed Skater in Olympic history. Oh, and she’s also a six-time world speed skating champion and the youngest Dutch athlete ever to earn an Olympic medal. What have you done with your life? Hmm? Wüst has been dating fellow speed skater Letitia de Jong since last year and came out in 2009. They are very cute in a rosy-cheeked, athletic Danish way.


“Ready Player One” Trailer Gives First Look Of Lena Waithe As A Lesbian Gamer


The first trailer for Spielberg’s upcoming sci-fi blockbuster “Ready Player One” features The Chi showrunner Lena Waithe playing a black lesbian gamer. Based out the hit novel, “Ready Player One” is set in a dystopian future in which teens hunt for a hidden fortune within a complex virtual world called Oasis. The plot is actually incredibly complicated, but that’s my one sentence summary. Take it or leave it. Highly anticipated as the NEXT BIG THING, “Ready Player One” revolves around Parzival (real name Wade Watts) and his best friend Aech as they search for a hidden treasure to escape from their sad reality. Parzival thinks Aech is a straight white guy like him but (SPOILER) he’s actually a black lesbian named Helen. Played by Lena Waithe. There’s some controversy about alleged transphobia/crappy LGBTQ stereotypes in the book involving Helen’s character that has LGBTQ viewers concerned. However, I’m sure they’ve buffered them out of the big screen version. Lena Waithe doesn’t seem like the type to sign off on a crappy gay character, no matter the budget. In other Lena Waithe news, the Emmy winning artist’s comedy “Twenties” just got a Pilot order from TBS. She’s about to be the next Shona.


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