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Amber Heard Denies Punching Johnny Depp, Hannah Hart Engaged

Plus Ruby Rose is shark bait in "The Meg"


Ruby Rose Stars In “The Meg,” Another Shark Movie To Ruin The Ocean For You

Source: Instagram


Ruby Rose continues her climb to action star status in the aspiring summer blockbuster, The Meg, out August 10. It is about a massive super shark that presumably terrorizes anyone foolish enough to still enjoy the Ocean. I would love to see Ruby Rose act, so I can continue to simultaneously judge and adore her perfectly sculpted model turned actress mug, but I do not watch shark movies. Not one. Why? Not because I am scared of sharks, but because I pointedly refuse to be scared of sharks, as fear of sharks ruins the sublimely simple pleasure of swimming far into the Ocean and floating in peace. This is a complex issue because I also have a burning interest in sea monsters of any kind, so much that my girlfriend has taken to purchasing Kraken themed gifts for me. Krakens, giant squids, Nessie, any sort of water dinosaur, all of these are perfectly acceptable (nay, desirable) media content. Why? Because OBVIOUSLY they only live in deep ocean waters far from the beach and therefore cannot eat body surfers. They survive on whales, sharks, and anyone foolish enough to get into the unholy claustrophobia tubes that are submarines.


So to summarize: Love Ruby hate shark movies love Kraken will not see The Meg.


Arrow’ Star Bex Taylor-Klaus Comes Out As Non-Binary



Actor Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow, Scream) came out as trans non-binary on Twitter.



Ellen And Tig Are Bestest Butt Buddies On The Ellen Show



On July 31st, Tig Notaro swung by The Ellen Show for lesbian excellence and an affectionate trip down memory lane. I had no idea Tig and Ellen were friends and now I’m dying for a collaboration between the two OGs of lesbian comedy. A joint tour? A wryly humorous pilot? A variety special? All of these would be fantastic. Tig provided an excellent anecdote of her painful attempt at Adele karaoke during Ellen’s latest birthday party. Ellen kept the joke going by sending a mariachi band and camera crew on a surprise visit to Tig’s home. And then, just to really go the extra mile, Ellen sent a drag queen dressed as Adele to serenade Tig with a proper performance of Adele’s hit “Hello.” Watch the clip above for Ellen and Tig’s commentary and footage of both performances.


Amber Heard Denies Punching Johnny Depp



Crumbling gargoyle Johnny Depp just filed a surprisingly nasty lawsuit against his former wife, the bisexual actress Amber Heard. Depp claims in new court documents filed in the UK that Heard attacked him in April 2016 after drinking heavily. Depp claims that Heard, infuriated with Depp for being two hours later to her birthday party, “began criticizing him” after the party. He alleges that Heard’s actions escalated after she became “aggressive and violent” and culminated in her “punching him twice in the face.” He stated that he “defended himself by grabbing [her] arms to stop her punching him again and told her to stop, then “pushed her away from him onto the bed” and left.


The Mirror uncovered Depp’s accusations and broke the shocking story. Heard’s attorney responded with a statement to The Mirror: “These allegations are totally false. One needs only read the recent Rolling Stone article about Mr. Depp and the lawsuit filed against him by a location manager, among many other recent news stories and lawsuits, to understand his state of mind.”


The man is a mess.


Hannah Hart Engaged To BuzzFeed Producer



Hannah Hart, the lesbian YouTube megastar of “My Drunk Kitchen” fame, announced her engagement to BuzzFeed executive producer Ella Mielniczenko. The longtime girlfriends revealed the happy news on (WHERE ELSE) Hannah Hart’s Instagram. Hannah gushed "I proposed! She said yes! There were many wonderful and hilarious details involved and we will share them all, but right now I just really needed to tell you guys and didn't want to wait anymore. We will do a whole video about it and tell the whole story. But right now is just to share the exciting news!!! We are gonna get married, babyyyy!!"


In an interview with Cosmo, Hart revealed that she popped the question on a beach in Hawaii. "Ella had no idea it was coming! I suggested we watch the sunset at the beach and toast with tiny champagne to a great vacation," Hart said. "She just assumed I was being my normal, romantic self, instead I was planning our engagement."



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