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The Bisexual Season Finale Recap

Sperm receipts and Sheryl Sandberg.

The Bi Life Recap Episode 2: Double Dates And New Housemates

A new housemate is thrown into the mix.

The Bisexual Episode 4 Recap: Houseboats And Fights

Leila has to deal with the fallout after being outed.

The Bi Life Recap: Episode 1

What happened on Britain’s first bi+ dating show?

The Bisexual Episode 3 Recap: The Secret Is Out

You can only hide the truth for so long.

Butterfly Recap: Episode 1 - Coming Out As Trans

British TV’s latest program focusing on LGBTQ+ women/girls.

The Worst Female Coming Out Scenes On TV

These scenes left a lot to be desired.

The UK’s First Bisexual Dating Show Is Coming…

… And we hope you’ll get it in the US soon too!

It’s Sassy, It’s Smart, It’s “Different for Girls”

Evolving from a novel written by Jacquie Lawrence, this UK web series aims to increase lesbian visibility and positive representation on our screens.

Marcella - New Lesbian Show On Netflix!

In the mood for some UK noir with a healthy dose of lesbianism?