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Singling Out: How I Learned the Lesson of Visibility

Navigating the nuances of being the moms in a two-mom family!

Ugly Truths: Lesbian Love and Divorce

Marriage can be hard: "It’s not a gay thing or a straight thing – it’s universal."

FAQ On Lesbian Parenting

When my wife and I began to walk the road to becoming lesbian parents, we had a lot of questions.

Not Trumping The Storks

The film is wonderfully not about traditional families

The Secret To Getting Away With Your Wife

Without worrying about your children after you leave.

Please, Talk About Our Two Mom Family

If there isn’t a lesbian on the show we don’t have time for it.

Which Mommy Are You?

One way to respond to inquisitive neighbors about "who's who."

Scared Of Working With Your Wife?

When Vicky and I first went into business together nearly all our friends said they could never work together.

Movies You Don't Want To Show Your Kids

Unfortunately, new popular films still focus on celebrating the nuclear family.

Dressing The Same

In a house with two wives, "What are you wearing?" means something else.