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Archive of: Gaming Reviews

LGBTQ Teenagers Are Creating New Online Subcultures To Combat Oppression

The YouTuber Harry Brewis has shone a light on how LGBTQ young people are breaking new political ground on the internet by carving out space for them marginalised voices.

Queer Quest Computer Game Kickstarter

This lesbian themed computer game is just what we’ve been waiting for!

The Ultimate Feminist App

The Opoponax app gives influential French feminist Monique Wittig's work a digital edge.

GamerGate Campaign Targets Women in Gaming

This campaign for journalistic integrity is fueled by a lot of misogyny.

Is "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" The Most Progressive Game on the Market?

It may not offer challenging gameplay, but the game's take on sexuality is refreshingly open.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Many Missteps When It Comes to Women

A Recent Apology from Blizzard’s President Aims to Quiet Female Critics.

E3 Features Few Female Characters, But There’s Still Hope for Gaming

Even though women don’t usually grace E3 stages, there are a growing number of women in games.

Virtual Life Mirrors Real Life in Tomodachi Life

You can get married in Nintendo's new simulation game, but not if you're a lesbian.

Gaming In Color Takes A Look At The Queer Side Of Gaming

The stereotype of 'gamers' as straight men is just plain wrong.