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“Pope-’splaining" Catholic Church’s Homophobia

Italy is one of the major European countries that don’t recognize marriage equality for its LGBTQ denizens.

Bathroom Laws Policing Our Genitals

Conservatives have always been a demographic group obsessed with policing this nation’s genitals.

Where Would MLK Have Stood On Marriage Equality?

Would King today be a public advocate for LGBTQ rights?

Remember Our Homeless LGBTQ Youth This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a difficult time of year for many.

Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays?

The war on Christmas is not going away any time soon.

The Refugees Who Came For Thanksgiving

Reflecting on the holiday as a time of remembrance.

Where’s Log Cabin Republican activism this campaign season?

"While I’m not a prognosticator I do know a Republican will not win the 2016 presidential bid."

What Should White LGBTQ Organizations do Post-Marriage Equality?

“What Should We Do After ‘I Do’?”

Democratic Presidential Debate Left Out LGBTQ Issues

The first Democratic Presidential debate of the 2016 season was an exemplary example of civil discourse compared to what the American public witnessed with the GOP’s presidential debate.

My Disappointment with the Pontiff's Visit

Pope Francis continues to send seismic shock waves across the globe, and the rapturous reception he received from his historic six-day US visit gave us a glimpse as to why.