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My Black Lesbian Body Is A Target For Police Brutality

The reality of unarmed African American women.

Donna Brazile’s Revenge With “Hacks”

Donna Brazile has written a book unveiling how Trump got into the White House.

John Kelly Needs A Queer History Lesson On The Civil War

White Americans, like Kelly, must learn the full and accurate history of the Civil War.

The Posthumous Outing Of Whitney Houston

2017 is a year of open but not new revelations about Whitney Houston.

Who Was “Detroit’s” Intended Movie Audience?

Now more than ever, non-black Americans have to amplify black voices, not attempt to translate them!

Trump’s War On Transgender Service Members

This week LGBTQ Americans received a one-two punch from the Trump administration.

DignityUSA Is Moving Toward Radical Inclusion

I wish more churches would do the same.

Will Supreme Court Allow Businesses To Not Serve The LGBTQ Community?

Things aren't looking good for LGBTQ people.

LGBTQ Pride Events Display Disparities

June is Pride Month for LGBTQ communities across the country, and parades abound.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Growing Pains

When it comes to Caitlyn Jenner it is difficult to fathom how she went from icon to outcast.