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When Japanese-Americans’ Allegiance Was Questioned

Allegiance pulls at not only at your heart-strings but it also questions your moral compass.

United Methodist Church Still Struggling For LGBTQ Inclusion

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is still in need of prayer when it comes to full inclusion of its LGBTQ parishioners.

Billy Graham’s Ministry Of LGBTQ Intolerance

Homophobic history brushed over in hagiography.

Honoring Mildred Loving This Valentine's Day

Honoring Mildred Loving this Valentine's Day.

Pimping King

Who'd have thought a Super Bowl ad with a King voiceover would be used to sell pickup trucks?

Martin Luther King Day

King’s dream of “the beloved community” extends to your community, too.

My Black Lesbian Body Is A Target For Police Brutality

The reality of unarmed African American women.

Donna Brazile’s Revenge With “Hacks”

Donna Brazile has written a book unveiling how Trump got into the White House.

John Kelly Needs A Queer History Lesson On The Civil War

White Americans, like Kelly, must learn the full and accurate history of the Civil War.

The Posthumous Outing Of Whitney Houston

2017 is a year of open but not new revelations about Whitney Houston.