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Home Town Girl Makes Good

October is Coming Out and our pantheon of LGBTQ movers and shakers continues to grow.

Why Can’t Puppets Bert And Ernie Be Gay?

How will “ Sesame Street" explain to children in same-gender families and households why Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog can marry, but Bert and Ernie can’t?

Is The Catholic Church Unsalvageable?

Francis’s church has done nothing to earn forgiveness.

Whitney Houston Comes Out Posthumously Redux

Houston's lesbianism was an 'open secret'.

Concerns About The Afterlife In This Life With Trump

A pall hangs over many Americans since Trump has taken office.

Independence Day Celebration for Whom

Evangelical patriotism is suffused with conservative or fundamentalist tenets of Christianity.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Doesn't Crumple Our Opponents

Democracy can only begin when those at the margin can experience what others take for granted.

What's Happening To Pride?

Our LGBTQ community needs to foster inclusivity if we have any chance against Trump’s agenda.

Can The LGBTQ Community Trust Pope Francis?

Once again Pope Francis is rocking the world.

When Japanese-Americans’ Allegiance Was Questioned

Allegiance pulls at not only at your heart-strings but it also questions your moral compass.