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Archive of: Reader's Voice

Pulled From The Darkness

A suicide survival story.

It's Our Time Now

An older lesbian reflects on finding love later in life.

Better To Be Single Than Date A Deceiver

Getting over a fatal attraction.

Not My President, Ever

Summoning the fighting spirit on behalf of all who have gone before us.

The Segregation Of Girl-Meets-Girl

An LGBT author's journey to publication.

The False Promise Of Donald Trump

Thoughts from a blue collar dyke who knows better.

The Letter That Changed My Life

At high school, a same-sex awakening.

The Totally Unsexy, Super Embarrassing Tongue Ring Fail

A piercing plays up, at the worst possible moment.

The Pier

Memories of New York summers as a lesbian teen.

One Time At Summer Camp

A newly-out lesbian attends a summer camp with a difference.