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Archive of: Reader's Voice

Universal Heartbreak

This might be a little messy...

It's All About Perspective

Riot Grrrl & Intersectionality, A Twenty Year Journey

The Unusual Man

The connection I'd not found, until now.

Angry and Feminist

Why it's okay to be both.

The Story of My Life

My love-hate affair with weddings—even my own!

Lesbian Families

I'm Mom, Amanda, Manny, Manda, Ms. T, or whatever you may want to call me.

WARNING: This Is Real Talk. No Crying Allowed.

“I won’t let it beat me. I’m going to beat it.”

My Personal Struggle With Trans Acceptance

As a gay woman, I felt transgenderism was homophobic and sexist. It took a while to understand that it's neither.

I Needn’t Any Melons

A (Too?) Personal Essay

This Is What a Lesbian Looks Like: Kate Freitag

Bike and Roll's head mechanic of New York City and out transwoman Kate Freitag dishes on overcoming financial and emotional obstacles and battling discrimination.