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Craziness on a Cruise

Poppy Survives Halloween Horror cruise.

Lets Talk Turkey

Seasons and seasoning.

Time to Cruise—Time to Eat

Women’s Week Oct 10-19th, Provincetown.

Too Many in the Club

LGBT Anagram

A Woman's Right to Choose

Gay is God's birth control.

Buggin Out

Praying Mantis Mania

P-Town is a Three-Ring Circus

Dyke in a bikini.

Into the Woods at Michfest 2014

Workshops and Porta Potties.

Bi-Polar Vortex

Well winter is finally coming to an end. Phew, that was a long one-

Lets Talk Olympics

I didn’t boycott the Russian Olympics. Didn’t have to – The opening ceremony did it for us. That one, far left, top, Olympic Ring, that is part of the Universal Symbol of the Olympics, did not descend and take it’s place with the rest of the rings.