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The Secret to Long Term Relationship Success

There is 1 simple step to a successful long term relationship

When to Walk Away

You don't have to live in fear.

Vaginal Health Part 1 & 2

All the info you need for down there right here!

Why Date A Butch Instead of a Man?

Our obsession with fitting into neat masculine and feminine roles, masculinity and femininity ebb and flow, and attraction.

The Signs of Emotional Abuse

Good advice for anyone and everyone.

Asking A Girl Out

The Sex Talk give you their tips.

The Difference Between Love & Lust

It's easy to confuse the two, try to stay present.

Why am I Not Attracted to my Partner?

Attraction ebbs and flows.

Jealousy and Non Monogamy

Jealousy within non monogamous relationships...

Are You A Serial Monogamist?

In this episode, Mou and Jenoa discuss what it means to be a serial monogamist.