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Jealousy and Non Monogamy

Jealousy within non monogamous relationships...

Are You A Serial Monogamist?

In this episode, Mou and Jenoa discuss what it means to be a serial monogamist.

Are Rigid Lesbian Stereotypes Ruining Your Sex Life?

So many "classifications"!

The Obsession With "Something Better"

It's more common than we think nowadays.

Why LTR's May Be Bad

Long Term Relationships

What is NRE?

New Relationship Energy, and Why You Should Know About It?

Kissing and Cunnilingus Do's and Don'ts

The Sex Talk are here to help you out with those tough questions!

What Is Lesbian / Girl-on-Girl Sex?

Here's a bit of clarity...

My Partner Has a Secret Fetish...

When you don't share the same kinks…be open to compromise

Using Sex as a Weapon

Let's remember the passion ladies.