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When Lesbians Sleep With Straight Women

Sexuality doesn't define us.

Don’t Settle!

How to prioritize your lifestyle choices when dating or choosing a partner.

Scissoring: Tribadism Sex Positions

Jenoa and Mou discuss the ins and outs of this classic lesbian sex act.

Long Term Singles, LTS and Singlehood

Enjoying singlehood is normal.

Why The Silent Treatment Is Bad

Do you feel guilty about using the silent treatment?

The Secret To Long Term Relationship Success

There is 1 simple step to a successful long term relationship

When To Walk Away

You don't have to live in fear.

Vaginal Health Part 1 & 2

All the info you need for down there right here!

Why Date A Butch Instead Of A Man?

Our obsession with fitting into neat masculine and feminine roles, masculinity and femininity ebb and flow, and attraction.

The Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Good advice for anyone and everyone.