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Same Love, Same Rights

Italy finally passes Civil Union law for gay couples.

Jodie Foster Directs

A fan’s tribute to the screen icon’s directorial outings.

The Future Without Feminism Is Fucked

The importance of the Women’s Movement in a lesbian’s life.

Bowties & Bourbon: It’s Kentucky, Y’all

Life as experienced by a queer woman of color.

Why You Need To Think About Boobs More

Queering breast health.

Genderless Clothing: A Step Backwards?

Why is genderless clothing a bad thing?

12 Things To Never Say To A Bisexual Woman

And don't even think about saying them.

Should You Text Your Ex?

The question we have all asked ourselves at some point.

Indistinct: An Eclectic Statement

Love is an emotion.

Things My Ex Would Say About Me

After breaking up, what would your ex say about you?