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A Change Is Gonna Come

Before I know it, my daughter will be all grown up.

Safety And Security At School

Is it too much to ask for in this day and age?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Why Giving Birth Isn’t Something That’s Right For Me

Where Are We As A Society

Everything is getting tighter, shorter, smaller...

Add Diversity to Your Child’s Book Collection

Here are few key suggestions to get you started.

The Obligatory Why Phase

And why it’s a necessary step in child development that should be cherished.

Why I Wrote This Story

This was for Maggie, with no agenda in mind.

Parenting Isn’t About Gender

It’s About Love

What If Your Child Is The Bully?

How much can you really influence your child to be a "good person"?

Parents Aren’t Perfect

Despite our best efforts, we’re bound to affect our kids in some way.