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My Little Buddha

I never imagined all the amazing things I’d learn from my daughter.

The World Is On Fire

What we, as parents, can do to stop the burning.

A Private Catholic School Conundrum

When choosing a preschool for my daughter, would a Catholic Private School be a problem?

The Gift Of Diversity

Allowing my daughter to figure out who she is without judgment is the best gift I can give.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter and I may not have the same genetics, but we are alike in so many other ways.

A Teaching Moment

Is it our responsibility to teach other kids that it’s perfectly normal to have two moms?

What She Sees

When my daughter looks at me, she doesn’t see a tomboy. She sees her Mama.

New and Improved or Shiny and Shallow?

Why the new Strawberry Shortcake falls short.

The Christmas Spirit

Take a moment to experience the holidays through the eyes of your child. You might learn something.

A Change Is Gonna Come

Before I know it, my daughter will be all grown up.