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Stop Obsessing and Ask Her Out Already

It's hard not to fall for your personal trainer, but should you pursue her?

"Lesbian Bed Death"

When love isn't enough...

There's Always Going to be "Deal Breakers"

"I have a set criteria for women I would want to date and I don’t think I will meet anyone who fits my standards"

Am I Missing Out on Dating While I Focus on My Career?

How do you juggle all aspects of life?

"No Lesbian Will Go Out With Me…"

Not even for coffee!

My Girlfriend Won't Have Sex With Me - What should I Do?

Things that can make or break a relationship...sex is important.

"I'm Attracted to My Ex's Friend. How Can I Tell Her How I Feel Without Alienating Her?"

Dr. Frankie's Love Seat.

Love Advice

Advice from the Lesbian Love Doctor.

Dr. Frankie's Love Seat

Advice from the Lesbian Love Doctor

Dr. Frankie. I am a 38 year old single lesbian