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Why Do I Keep Dating Women Who Cheat On Me?

Are you attracted to the same behaviors?

Is It Too Early To Move In Together?

When is the right time to move in with your partner?

How To Deal With A Crush (When You Already Have A Girlfriend)

"With my girlfriend I picture a very happy FUTURE. With my crush I picture a very blissful NOW."

Why Do Lesbians Have Sex With Straight Girls?

Dr. Frankie explores what might be behind the urge to convert.

How Can I Tell If A Woman Is A Lesbian?

You can't. But you CAN tell if she's interested in you.

One Tip For A Happier New Year: Make More Friends

Finding love is hard enough, but finding your new BFF? It's arguably more difficult!

My Girlfriend is ASexual - What Should I Do?

Affection, sex and intimacy, are the GLUE in many romantic relationships: It’s what differentiates you from friendships.

I Hate You. Don't Leave Me

Someone who loves you, does not yell at you.

I'm Shy Around Women I'm Attracted To

Shyness can be an attribute or a struggle. The trick is teaching yourself how to not react to the anxiety.

Unintentionally Celibate

Sometimes approaching a situation differently can change one’s attitude and reaction.