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Is It Too Early To Move In Together?

When is the right time to move in with your partner?

How To Deal With A Crush (When You Already Have A Girlfriend)

"With my girlfriend I picture a very happy FUTURE. With my crush I picture a very blissful NOW."

Why Do Lesbians Have Sex With Straight Girls?

Dr. Frankie explores what might be behind the urge to convert.

How Can I Tell If A Woman Is A Lesbian?

You can't. But you CAN tell if she's interested in you.

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Finding love is hard enough, but finding your new BFF? It's arguably more difficult!

My Girlfriend is ASexual - What Should I Do?

Affection, sex and intimacy, are the GLUE in many romantic relationships: It’s what differentiates you from friendships.

I Hate You. Don't Leave Me

Someone who loves you, does not yell at you.

I'm Shy Around Women I'm Attracted To

Shyness can be an attribute or a struggle. The trick is teaching yourself how to not react to the anxiety.

Unintentionally Celibate

Sometimes approaching a situation differently can change one’s attitude and reaction.

I'm a Proud Bisexual Woman and I'm Tired of Having to Explain Myself

The good news? It's getting better.