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Welcoming A Passionate New Year

January is a month that for many (myself included) symbolizes new beginnings.

January Online Horoscope 2019

Set your new year’s resolutions into motion now as Venus moves into adventuresome Sagittarius and Mars into randy Aries. Where will life lead? Let’s hope into temptation!

Dipsea: Changing The Game For Women

Here's why you need it in your life.

Splitting Up Together?

Is there really any ‘good’ way to do it, amidst the inevitable anger, heartache and sadness?

Lesbians Bars To Dog Parks

Plus, the 2018 Pets & Pride Holiday Shopping Guide.

December Online Horoscope 2018

How festive will our December be? Very according to the cosmos. Venus moves into sexy, but jealous, Scorpio while Mars hovers in romantic Pisces. Good things come in any size boxes.

How Our Pets Help Us Cope

LGBTQ readers share their experiences.

November Online Horoscope 2018

Expect a topsy turvy November as a boatload of planets toss us forward and back. Will Mars in romantic Pisces cushion our inevitable fall? Maybe it will help to be a pillow queen…

Animals Make Straight People Like Me

Do your pets lead you into surprising conversations?

Queer Family Values – Moving

Do you make major life decisions focused on the needs of your pets?