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The Story of My Life

My love-hate affair with weddings—even my own!

Hot Swatches for 2015!

Wedding Theme Colors for your Special Day.

The "Just Married" Game

Q&A Card Game for You & Yours

Victory Is Sweet

The past few days have been a whirlwind of giddy, still-in-shock wonder. The Supreme Court’s decision to—well, not decide—has made my marriage legal and real.

Tax Advice for Newlyweds

What does the Supreme Court same-sex marriage appeal denial mean for same-sex couple tax filers?

7 Tips to Serving Great Frozen Drinks at Your Party

Handy tips for your wedding party!

Customs Inspection!

Choosing Rituals & Polish for Your Unforgettable Ceremony.

Autumn Theme Weddings

DIY Hints for Your Seasonal Ceremony!

Popping the Question with Style!

Who would have thought that finding your soulmate was the easy part?

Hope on the Horizon

As the state of Virginia nears marriage equality, a lesbian bride shares her story of love, regardless of the law.