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Archive of: Bisexual

11 Things To Never Say To A Bi Girl Who's With A Girl

Or any other female-spectrum person.

Bisexual Visibility: Yup, We Are Real

This series of videos is dedicated to the need for visibility and the exploration of biphobia.

11 Ways To Be A Good Lesbian Ally To Your Bi Girlfriend

That joke about running off with a man can wear a little thin… Just sayin’.

Being Bisexual At Pride

Exploring the experiences of bisexual Pride attendees.

Alicia Champion’s Song ‘Bi’ Is Creating Unity

Why a lesbian singing about bisexuals while grinding a transman is important.

Biphobia In The Media

Remember, the 'b-word' is still quite a scary thing to say.

2016 Delivers First Official Bisexual Pop Anthem

Watch Alicia Champion turn into a rock-star sex goddess with no road rules, labels, or boundaries.

Lacie And Robin: Coming Out As Bisexual

Lacie discusses identifying as bisexual and what she wants people to understand about bisexuality.

11 Things To Never Say To A Bi Girl Who’s With A Guy

Or any other non-female-spectrum person.

12 Things To Never Say To A Bisexual Woman

And don't even think about saying them.