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Tracing The Flight Path Of Black Aviatrice History Makers

Hear delight in these voices as the first all-female, all-black commercial flight crew made flight history.

Dot Wilkinson, Softball Legend

Wilkinson is widely considered to be the best softball catcher of all time.

The First Out Lesbian To Win A Political Seat

Why isn’t Kathy Kozachenko recognized more for this historic achievement?

The Ladder

The first nationally distributed lesbian magazine of its kind.

Sara Josephine Baker, Lesbian Scientist Changed The Face Of Public Health

Her contributions to public health care saved countless people both during and after her lifetime.

Jeanette Rankin, The Neglected Suffragette

100 years marks the election of the Congresswoman you don't know.

Elsa Gidlow: First Woman To Publish Openly Lesbian Volume Of Poetry

Introducing a new series on notable people, places and events in lesbian history.