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Archive of: Editor's Picks

Unconventional Queer Film: The Sympathy Card

Check out the story and their crowdfunding campaign here!

Meet Brenda Howard, The Bisexual “Mother Of Pride”

Because it’s “LGBT Pride”, not “Gay Pride”

Role Model: Jess Miller

Meet the millennial model-activist helping to reshape the business.

Mood Indigo

The Indigo Girls talk orchestras, politics, and each other.

Elisabeth Moss shines in a new film

Elisabeth Moss dazzles as a grunge rocker in breakdown mode in "Her Smell."

A new film about bisexual French author Colette.

A new biopic starring Keira Knightley addresses the bisexual French author’s literary ability—and her lesbians affairs.

Her Butch Career

Esther Newton’s memoir about being a true gender outlaw.

Out In Film

A British LGBTQIA+ actor shares her vision for on-screen diversity.

The Divine Alchemy of Rest

Fitness isn’t just about body—it’s about spirit and soul, too.

Thunder Strikes Black Lightning

An interview with Nafessa Williams.