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Operation Protect Your Pets

Who steps in to help pets when their owners are involved in a tragedy?

The Homophobic Neighbor And The Shy Dog

How to keep the peace at home while ensuring your pets' needs are being met.

Pets And The Art Of Picking Up Girls

Do you use your dog to pick up girls?

Aging Pets And The Queer Family

Are you, your partner, and your vet on the same page when it comes to caring for your elderly pets?

All About Canine Parkour

The outdoor pet activity that’s gayer than softball!

The Queer Argument Against “Heart Dogs”

How finding your soul mate in a dog might be problematic.

How To Navigate Share Housing And Pets

Is your house too crowded?

Dogs See Us As Family

Researchers make a discovery that lesbians knew all along.

Thankful for a Fine Fur Family

How will you celebrate the Holiday with your pet?

Fire! A Tale of Herding Cats

What to do in a fur family emergency.