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Of Pups And Politics

Do you use your dogs as political PUPets? How can our dogs be part of the resistance?

When In Doubt, Pet The Dog

2016 has been a hard year for animal-loving queers.

Queer Pets/Queer Guardians

Do you come out with your pet?

Queer Rights/Animal Rights

Weighing in on the Montreal pit bull ban.

Dancing With Dogs

Love to dance but tired of leaving your dog home to go dance at the club? What if you didn't have to!

DemoCATS For Hillary

Where do your pets stand, politically?

Operation Protect Your Pets

Who steps in to help pets when their owners are involved in a tragedy?

The Homophobic Neighbor And The Shy Dog

How to keep the peace at home while ensuring your pets' needs are being met.

Pets And The Art Of Picking Up Girls

Do you use your dog to pick up girls?

Aging Pets And The Queer Family

Are you, your partner, and your vet on the same page when it comes to caring for your elderly pets?