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Archive of: Multicultural

Butch In Taiwan

An insight into what being 'butch' means in Taiwan.

My Life As A Rez Lez

The life and times of a Native, Lesbian, Buddhist...

Finding bliss in the mix of identidy and culture

Discovering your own identity in the midst of deeply held cultural traditions can be quite a challenge, but finding the right spot between the two is bliss.

It’s so sad and so scary to see our country entertaining these archaic ideas... This backlash is arguably one of the worst in recent history.

Author Lauren Shiro, a self-identified short, Puerto Rican lesbian, reflects on the recent surge in discriminatory bills across the US.

Finding a Way Forward: Coming Out in Taiwan

In Taiwan, being a young butch lesbian can be a cultural challenge, especially when coming out to a family with traditional values. Pat Hsu shares her story with us.

Tales From A Black South African Lesbian

The harsh realities of life for black lesbians in South Africa.

For Israeli Gays, It’s Not About the Ring

In a country where raising kids is the ultimate value, marriage becomes less urgent than adoption and surrogacy.